BBS#6 – 23 April 2015

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #6 – Spit it Out


Thursday 23 April 2015 | 7.30pm | Arts Bar & Café, Toynbee Studios, London

£3 including a free drink

If the plural of mouse is mice, why is the plural of house not nice, how do you ask for a “Nice biscuit” and do you order a “glahh-ss of wine” or a “glassss of wine”? Or neither?

This live art event brought to you by Beg, Borrow, Steal celebrated the spoken word across the length and breadth of England in a melting pot of dialects and diatribes. Artists working with language, lyricism and liveness talked their audience under the table, up the wall and all over the shop. Be it colloquialisms, slang, regional accents, proverbs or song, guests savoured the textures of spoken english on St George’s Day and listened their way from Carlisle to Cornwall, Shrewsbury to Suffolk and a myriad stops in between. Linguists, locals and live art aficionados were welcomed… and so was everyone else. 
Kat Buchanan
Nick Cassenbaum
Ting-Ting Cheng
Luke Ferris
Laura Genevieve Jones
Laura Dee Milnes
Rhiannon Wilkins
Reet Maff’l (Andy Abbott & Luke Drozd)

Curated and hosted by Laura Dee Milnes


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