BBS#3 – 13 March 2014

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #3 – An Evening of Oratory


Thursday 13 March 2014 | 7.30pm | Arts Bar & Café, Toynbee Studios, London

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Sir Winston Churchill

An evening of oratory which explored, unpicked and exploded the concept of the Parisien ‘Salon of the French Enlightenment’ for a 21st Century audience, featuring guest speakers, potent cocktails, bouffant wigs and stimulating conversation.

Guests in formal attire (a loose definition) joined their host, the infamous Salonniere from South East London, Madame Croque (a distant cousin of Donna Kebab & Chips), a woman who is both formidable and elegant, calling to mind not only Marie Antoinette but Brigitte Bardot and Bet Lynch.

Several guest speakers discussed their chosen topics, all inspired by Women’s History Month. Each took to their soap box for a few minutes, provoking conversation and debate with strangers and friends.

No experience or authority on any subject whatsoever was necessary. All were welcome.

Speakers were:

Ruby Glaskin
Joanne Matthews
Bernadette Russell
Amelia Stubberfield
Aaron Wright

Curated and hosted by Laura Dee Milnes