BEG, BORROW, STEAL is a series of curated live art events featuring a host of artists from dark corners, glittery stages, white-walled galleries and gravelly gutters.

The aim of curator Laura Dee Milnes is to take a careful and considerate approach to working with artists who use performance as part of their practice, offering them support and advice on how to present their work for an audience. The audiences themselves can expect a diverse selection of performance, live art, sound and video, usually reflecting on a theme. BEG, BORROW, STEAL events are intended to be accessible, conversational, thought-provoking and most importantly of all, enjoyable, with a healthy dose of humour.


For centuries, it has been widely recognised that many who create that anomaly known as “art” may well be looked upon as outsiders, deviants, depraved or mad …and vice versa. BEG, BORROW, STEAL calls upon the spirits of famous artistic, professional (and only sometimes deceased) degenerates such as Genet, Bataille, Orridge, Artaud, Kahlo, Wilde, Emin, Camus, Darger, DeLarverie, Bacon and Duchamp (to name a few). Over the course of two events in Spring/Summer 2013 there was a ceremonial reconsecration of the site of Dilston Grove (once a church, later a wartime hospital, now an art space run by CGP London) in a new guise, as a haven for those outside of the norm, for some impossibly ‘queer’ artists and their ‘odd-fellow’ associates.

At the first two events, beginning gradually from the early afternoon, Dilston Grove was occupied by a handful of works to be surveyed and interfered with by visitors, who were encouraged to look upon this wholly unholy environment from their entirely unique perspectives. Later into the day and early evening was a smorgasbord of shorter performance works building to a crescendo of celebration for the outside, the inside, the upside and the flip side.

Since these early events, there have been further forays into the possibilities of performance, in the form of themed events riffing on the ideas of salons of the enlightenment, riot grrrl, alter-egos and colloquial English language.

More will follow.